A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android

Tobogan racer online by: Krish Samayoa

Third person view Vr, racing game

simple controls, no gamepads or other inputs needed

• (lobby) join a match just by looking at your floaty thing

• (in game) steer the floaty thing tilting your head sideways


TROv1.apk - the jam submission.

TROVRv1.apk - Online matches active.

Windos ans mac require holding shift + move mouse to steer floaty thing.


Scripting a basic player controller.

working on the networking...

sucess! networking active, but unity default GUI sistem does not show on android build.

Networking worked fine, until i realized i was doing it wrong, needed to add a lobby, nothing works anymore :( sorry but not multiplayer just jet! ( ..told ya )

Update:! Is finally ONLINE ...is it too late?

NOTE: this is my first time usin unity 5.6 UNet, so weird stuff and error are spected, but it should work fine.

Especial thanks to:

Igancia Higeros - logo :)

Oliver BOT - helped with optimisations and some graphics.


TROv1.apk 27 MB
TROVRv2.apk 31 MB
TRO windows.zip 20 MB
TRO OS.zip 24 MB